Order System

Order System

Order System

We develop your custom order management software.

Managing the increasing complexity of today´s logistics networks, many of them with multiple warehouses located at different points and various levels of distribution, is a challenge. This is especially so when the different orders are processed from several warehouses, or using different means of transport, something more and more common in the current context of Internet sales. Our distributed order management solution coordinates the tasks between the ERP, the warehouse management system and the transportation management system. Thus:

  • Provides visibility into inventory, warehouse workloads, and available transportation capabilities.
  • Find the best storage and transportation options for order fulfillment.
  • Reduces the costs of order execution, especially in those cases where they need to be supplied from several warehouses
  • Allows you to meet more demanding service level agreements.
  • It provides merchandise and service providers, as well as customers, with the necessary visibility into merchandise flows.
  • Provides accurate records of supply chain movements and distributed processes throughout the logistics network

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