Azamar Informática

What we offer?

Programming service for all types of software and applications
Professional web development, with 10 years of experience
Development of custom software for desktop, mobile and fully customized web pages
We are experts in the development of custom mobile applications
We offer a Comprehensive Network Administration service
Television shop window service, to make your premises more attractive
An mate to set up your On-Line Store, but always, counting on professionals. The future of shopping is digital and we know how to do it.
Professional development of videogames, plugins and skins Android, PC, Play Station and XBOX
We offer personalized digital marketing solutions for all types of companies and projects.
We develop your custom order management software.
We offer a professional IT technical service.
Installation and configuration service for enterprise networks.
Professional security camera service
We provide high-quality 3D infographic services, including photorealistic rendering and animation.
We offer an automated system that facilitates the task of managing schedules.

"A super easy way to earn money. In addition, it is a responsible and serious company."

Julio Armas


"Excellent treatment with the local staff. It won´t be the last time I work with them."

Miguel Fernandez

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